Friday, July 20, 2007

So, I decided that each blog should have a picture of how I feel that day. Here's how I feel today:
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So, if you didn't get that, that means I am sooo ready to do something fun. Something I can get all gussied up for and do something that's... well, like I said, fun.

I so wish that the guy I like could see me when I'm not at the pool. I look stupid with my bathing suit on revealing my weird shaped stomach, and my hair gets all slicked back like I'm bald.

But he doesn't even know where I live, or who my friends are, or where I, like...
omg. Oh my goodness gracious, I think I just had insight, or something. Whatever that is. But I could go to the swim meet! Then I could wear my best outfit, and I wouldn't look like I came to see him because my best friend is on the swim team, so..

Ha! Ha HA! I will report back after I figure out what I'm going to wear and what time the swim meet is. =D

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

funniest commercial ev-ah. gwarsh, i am soooo bored... summer can get pre-tty darn boring when your friends RE-FUSE to call you.

i think i'm going to be bored like this forever. or at least until school starts again....

know what I should do? I should have a party at the end of summer. and invite loads of people. yes. that way, i can catch up with everyone before school gets up again.

i hope my new school is nice!! my madre went there and she's gunna give me a tour one of these days. do you guys think I should have the party????? gah, will my madre even LET me?!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sucha Long Time!

My goodness, I haven't been on here in a while!! Guess what... I'm going to a new school next year. All my friends are coming with me, thankfullyyyy....

I'm a little bored, so I'm gonna find a nice video to put on here... let's see....

well, i'll find one later. it's tanner's turn on the puter. gots to get off.

peace <3

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jones and Mentos Expiriment

funny!! to jenna!!! =)


I'm at my Grandma Dalia's house
Alana and I have hid a red rubber ball somewhere in the house
Gary and Tanner are insanely looking for thy ball (smartical people)
I'm....... wearing a green shirt???
Alana and Orion are talking/discussing about the location of the ball
Their clues are 1.) In the dark and 2.) Pearls.

I'll reveal the location to you layter!!!
=) =) =) =) =) =) =)

Friday, December 22, 2006

these are some byootiful pictures that me, tanner, and karlie made.
THAT"S RIGHT!!!!!!! my pookie karlie is HERE!!!!!!!!!!! for Christmas!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!
sept tanner is here. that sucks.
tee hee. =) =) =) =) =)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wish You Luck, Kamla

I'm bored. bore bored boring borey- thingamunny. *sigh*

sarah's mad at me. that's okay.

i'm happy because i get to spend christmas with my family, unlike some people who are starving, in china.

like my poor little Kamla, whom i adopted to pay 30 bucks a month (plus i can write letters and send presents to her) for. She has no family. She gets no eggnogg. Nobody is tehre to hug and love her.

Which is why I'm praying that God will be there to hug her for me, while I write my check for her, and send her a fabulous present of all kinds of things to get clean, and maybe something that tastes like eggnogg but is not perishable.

God bless you, Kamla.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

bordo to the maxieeee........... :S

right now i'm waiting for my gammi (great-grandma) to pick me up for church.

I'm totally bored to death. >:(

i totally miss my friends. but not school. <-- EVIL!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

word time.

this is a bit random, but these are the words i like:

Prodigious- it mean fantastic, fabulous, amazing, miraculous
Trip the Light Fantastic- this means to dance. i'm serious, it's in the thesaurus.
Lam- This means skip. I'm not kidding. It reminds me of meat, too.
Scintillation- this word is awesome! it means glitter. really!!!!
Snafu- this means to beat up but in like... a girly way. I'm not making this up!
Doll- not the toy doll, but the word like "beauty". You know, like "you're a doll".
Valediction- to leave. Like "i will take my valediction, now".
Chimera- means a very pretty rainbow. yay!

that's it!!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious when i say these are real. they just might take a bit more INTELLIGENCE to understand them.

i heart you, all my prodigious fans!!!!! *no autographs, please*
peace OUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


okay, I really REALLY do not know what to do anymore. WHY, when I'm getting GOOD GRADES do my friends act like MONSTERS? i mean, I still love them all but.... here, I'll explain in a list:

Allison- I know she's my BFFEEEEEEE but sometimes it seems like she'll never want to watch my back. She totally acted like she was best friends with Jenna the past few days.
Sarah- She posted something really mean on Allison, mine and her's blog about Allison, or to Allison. Also, Allison e-mailed me saying that Sarah yelled at her and she yelled back. WHAT?!?!
Jenna- She won't stop talking about "nice" and "cute" and "my man" Zachy-poo, and it gets worse. She totally is like so much closer to the guy I like than I am, becuase he knows Zach.
Michelle B.- I seriously don't think she ever liked me. One minute she's your best friend and the next she refuses to glance at you feet. Plus, she like is already BFFEEE with Amara and Jenna.
Michelle T.- She never talks to me anymore.
Shelby- Shelby s totally awesome, and nice, and funny, but it kinda hurt my feelings that she told Michelle B. that I talked about her.

there you have it. anyway.................................... i'm bored again.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

kardie bardie mardie :D

Karlie (my neice) LOVES Barbie Dolls!!!

That is a tribute to her cute little self!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

N0 M0RE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just talked t0 JENNA 0n the MSN IM again. I'm g0ing t0 COPY AND PASTE 0ur c0nversati0n s0 y0u can see why I have t0 pray f0r her.
(She is Starving Artist, I'm Platinum Rec0rd)

-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
n0t speaking t0 me?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
are y0u n0t speaking t0 me?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
sur what do u want me 2 say?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
hows it goin?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
lied to anyone lately?
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
i was just w0ndering if y0u refused t0 speak t0 me
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
n0t lately n0...
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
lucky people
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
aren't they?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
nice picture.......
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
u too
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
l0l thanks
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:

{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
shes cute.
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
She's standing right next t0 me, acctually
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:

{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
shes..... tired
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
(grumpy, picky)
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
o yeah. i kno whatcha mean
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
this sucks....
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
being all tense like this
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
its uggy
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
that thing is really ugly <-
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says: what the face thingy/ {
StaRviNgArtiSt} says: ?
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says: ya
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says: so is this ->
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
im an icon!
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
and that -->
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:

-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
kardie is an ic0nnie
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
just s0 y0u kn0w, jane-a
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
y0u might.... n0t want t0 l00k 0n sarah's bl0g again..
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
wasnt planning on it.
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
whats y0ur bl0g address??
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
y do u care?
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
? I gave y0u sarah's, n0 Quuies asked
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
i care because i d0..
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
thats nice
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
im ur jane-a eh?
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
y0u d0nt have t0..
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
thats a 2-faced person right there
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
f0rget it, g0shy
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
and yes. you will grt the book when im done
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
weren't planning t0, ay?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
nope! but u reminded me!
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
and y0u 2-faced me right back
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
i just figured i might see what ur complaining about now.....
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
nice executi0n
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
thats not being 2 faced thats changing ur mind
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
what if I changed MY mind?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
when i was being "2-faced"
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
y0u already kn0w why I was being s0 c0ld-bl00ded 0n Tuesday (This wasn't in 0ur c0nv0, but she had put a HUGE handful 0f sand in my p0cket when i had my nice jacket 0ff)
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
what if I changed my mind?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
why was that
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
lets think ab0ut it...
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
what was that mean thing y0u did t0 me at lunch that day?
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
i w0nder why there was a handful 0f sand in my p0cket after lunch that day.
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
like y0u d0nt kn0w...
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
umm i dont now what r u talking about?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
well im gunna go.
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
this is REALLY not worth it
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
what isnt?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
0h. well then.
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
-=PlatinumRec0rd=- says:
w0rth what? y0ur time?
{StaRviNgArtiSt} says:
yup! BYE!!

SHE IS SUCH a s0mething I w0n't say.

I sh0uld never Have believed when she said "I want t0 be y0ur friend" in 4th grade.

She always said that even th0ugh she wasn't my best friend, I was hers. YAH RIGHTY RIGHT ROIGHT?!?!?!

0h, and als0, here is what she p0sted 0n her bl0g WAY bef0re this fight happened (which pr0ves that she's hated me f0r A WHILE n0w)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cheyenne is SUCH a CRAPPY friend....she was MY best friend, but she never even liked me!!!!! HOW? could a person even do that? little jerk

i really really DO NOT LIKE THAT GIRL.


posted by FAB~Jenna @ 1:12 PM

YOU SEE?!?!?!

At least I have REAL friends, like Sarah, Allis0n, Michelle T. and EVEN Michelle B. Even th0ught I kn0w after sch00l 0n M0nday she will never speak t0 me again (Michelle B.)

isn't my life wunderfull0lie?

NO, because like Sarah said, ALL 0f the JENNAs in the w0rldie :D.

00psies 0n Jenna!!!

I can't believe it. I CANNNNNNOOOOTTTT believe it!!!!!

Last night I was 0n MSN IM and Jenna and me g0t int0 a fight. A BIGGGGGY.

After 0ur stupid r0w and after I t0ld her h0w I felt ab0ut all this junk, she said she hated me, and she didn't want t0 be friends anym0re.

Jenna, if y0u're reading this, I'm just thankful I didn't have t0 d0 it. >:D

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

G00dness Graci0us!

I HAVE FRIENDS! I swear I d0! At least, that's what I remember last. But n0w..... d0n't really kn0w.

I mean...
Each 0f my friends has s0me0ne else, and n0ne 0f them are me, and s0 theref0re I have n0b0dy.

Michelle T. has Jenna
Jenna has Zachy-P00 and every0ne else in the w0rld
Allis0n has Sarah
Sarah has Michelle T.
and Michelle has all 0f her friends I d0n't kn0w.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mrs. Bakns R00m

I'm ann0yed by the strange fact0rs 0f my life that perhaps are just a dream. That's what my dad says, that maybe what we dream is reality, and reality is just a dream. Maybe I sh0uld put this the0ry t0 the test. I shall n0w pinch Michelle and see what she d0es. If she d0esn't react, then this must be a dream. N0pe, she reacted. This is definately reality.

Anywh0000...... I really am ann0yed. by s0me0ne... actually, it's 3 pe0ple.
Reas0ns why I'm ann0yed by each 0f these pe0ple but n0t wh0 they are:

1. He's leaving me.
2. She's g0ing with him.
3. C0py-cat extreme.

EMG I'm s0000000000000000 mad!!!! N0w I infuriated myself by thinking 0f all these rreas0ns.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mr. S's R00m

roight now i'm in mr. s's room. also, i have a clouded mind. i'll write more later. especially now. more on my mind. sorry, i'll explain 2 morro. k? i'm asking my blog a question. wow. this is sad. and jenna is babbling, and i have blonde heads in my mind, and nobody gets it or even cares, especially my friends since they have way more dudes than me.... now i'm babbling. so.... i love L.F...... and jenna hates me and loves a little person

Sunday, July 23, 2006


That is one of my favorite dolls that I made on one of my favorite website, So, what's been happening with me? Absolutely nothing.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Okay, remeber when I was talking about me & Tina calling Nick? Well guess WHAT? Around 3 days later, our school had Skate Night at Hammer Skate. But I wasn't there. But Jenna told me that Nick asked SOPHIE to couple skate, but HELL-OOOOOOOOOO? We were still going out. So I dumped him. Now I like this other guy... but he wouldn't like me in a million years! He's a popular guy... but he's really really nice to me and he's sweet.

I'm not gonna say his name because he might read this and I don't want him to. But he probobly won't. Nobody else bothers to read it. LoL.

My Meez

This is my Meez. It was really fun to make her. Maybe I'll make a few more, then I can put them all here!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hey Ya'll

Soo...... it's Saturday. We finished State Testing at school (finally) and will be getting the results this Summer (gulp). So anyway, I spent the night at Tina's yesterday, and we prank phone called Monica and Tina was all like,
"I got in a hecka big fight with Cheyenne, and she like called me a b**** and she was being hecka mean. What in the heck is wrong with her?"
Only we were just trying to see why Kelsi thought I wanted to jump Monica or whatever. SO I was sitting right next to her, with the other phone, listening the WHOLE time. Then Monica's all,
"She's been acting really weird lately, I don't know WHAT is her problem, but she needs to get over it. Sylvanna was sayin' that she's probobly jealous, 'cause Emily like me more than her. She probobly is. What a b****!!!!!!!!"

Then Tina and I giggled, and I said into the phone,
"Monica, I wouldn't be jealous of your life in a MILLION YEARS. If you think I would trade in my dorky attitude for your preppy butt, you've got another think coming. YOU should be the one who's jealous; you've got some serious issues, freak!"
Then Tina goes,
"Nobody likes you!!!!"
And we hung up. Good Garden of PEAS, I hate Monica. Hehe.

And THEN guess wh owe called? My boyfriend. Yep, we called NICK! And Tina did the same thing, she talked, he talked, I listened. Tina casually asked him about me, and she made up a story of how when Michelle & her were in a fight, she was all up about me, saying she deserved Nick more than I do. Then Tina said to Nick that she wanted to know why he liked me. Tina is really good at scooping these things up casually, you know? And I got to sit there and listen to Nick PERSONALLY (well, PHONE personally) say how I was cute, funny, smart, and laid-back. Well, I can't deny any of that stuff in his person, either, cause' he is every one of those thing times 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


And there she is! That's me over there. At least, it sort of is. To all of my good friends I am Cinderella. Jenna is Belle, Allison is Ariel, Amara is Jasmin, Katie is Aurora and Sarah is Snow White. Rock on with the princess power!!!! Anyways.... I am sooooo bored again... SPRING BREAK is rushing by and in TWO DAYS we will be going back to school. *Groan* No more sleeping in. I wondor wh yI continue to write in this blog. It's not like anyone reads this. I mean... I could even start cussing up a storm and no one would even KNOW! Not that I would. Man, I like using these big letters. It makes it seem like I wrote more.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I usually love going on Habbo Hotel ( ), but for some reason it stinks. See, there's this club you can be in, called Habbo Club (HC)and everyone I meet that's in it get special attention. I was i nit for a while, but my time ran out. The habbos seem to only want to hang out with HC's, & HC's always seem to be running the party. I get kicked out of "HC only" parties, & I can't win ANY modeling contests when an HC is in it. HC's get these SOOPER cute clothes, but you have to pay for HC. Meggie (My grandma) sent away for 275 coins for me, which is a lot when a month of HC only costs 25 coins, but they never came to my person. It's been over 5 months now, & they jacked my Nana of her money. I have the worst case of the DIFFERENTS. When I REALLY feel like everyone just wants to go with everyone else, & I'm the only one who wants to be different. Maybe that's becuse I haven't seen my friends in almost 3 weeks (winter break). I wish I could go over to Jenna's house now, but I can't because my mom is at work & Tanner can't stay home alone. I can't wait until next monday when school starts again. I'm wearing a black baby tee (which ever one my mom buys me today, she got a giftcard to Gottchalks & said she would get me one), my new deep red half jacket with the gold mettalic buttons, my old Levi's (worn out in a cute way) my black converse & the new black chandeleir earrings I will but at Claire's today. We're going shopping as soon as my mom gets off work. I have ten dollers to spend at the mall on accesories. Anyway..... talk to you (whoever you are) later!!

Monday, January 02, 2006


There's me... rockin' out to All American Rejects!! So... not much has been going on lately... I'm at my mom's house right now. Ehmagawd, I hate Jenna!!! She got a CELL PHONE! Grr.. anyway.. I want to be different. It's this weird eating-away-at-your-thoughts kind of thing.. I want to be different. New year, new me. I want to be a rocker.. but I want to have a bohemian touch on some days. I figured this out when my mom took me to the store.. and I got this awsome red half-jacket, with metallic gold buttons. It was the only one I liked, and totally rocker... and they had music playing in the Junior's section, and the only songs I liked where ROCK songs. But, if I ever told Jenna that she would think I was copying her. She is a rocker after all, but that's not why I want to be one. My mom was one when she was my age, and whenever I wear pink I feel like a loser. But when I wear black or red, or dark colors, or a wristband, or my black converse, I'm on top of the world. Please commen Yes or No rocker. I NEED HELP!!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Ok... I'm in Science class again so I can't talk much. We have to do a report on an organ, right? I'm doing teeth. So I was looking at pics and EWWW! Gingivitus meltdown. Yucky Blechh. Jenna is doing Ferret Eyes (NO SURPRISE THERE). I'm so bored cuz I've already got all my stuff on diseases. Sooooooo.... here we are. I wrote the letter to the pricipal..... I'm AFRAID!!!! That's bad. I'm never scared. Anyway.... I g2g. Kissez! ( J.K. I'm not a reTARD! Right???? RIGHT?!?!?!)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Yup Yup

So I'm in Science class right now... so I'd better type fast. Monica won't leave me alone. She keeps on bugging me like she is a lost puppy. Oh well.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Why am I so weird?? I don't have a clue. Oh well. Anyway, I got my first interview for my paper. It's with Monica, though..... BOO HOO! I think I can deal with it though, since it is business after all. I'm interviewing her because I just got word from Nick, the district representitive for our school, that we are getting lockers. Fortunately, before this happened Monica was making a protest on this, and I want to see if she thinks her protest had any effect on this. I think it didn't, but it is my job (sorta) to report the news, and this is definitley news. I mean, our school has been around for like, a billion years, without LOCKERS!!! I mean, we can't even change for P.E. for God's sake. Dang, those people had better work the whole hiding-drugs-in-locker-thing out. I'M ANGRY and I have the power of the PRESS!!
They MUST bow!!!! BOW TO MEEE!!!!!!!!! Just kidding (kinda).

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Current State of the Union

So, I've been really bored lately. But, it's almost the end of the weekend, then I'll be able to go back to school. In other news...... I'm starting my own newspaper!!! It's for middle school attendees of my school. I'm thinking of calling it Middle School GRRROWL. Nice name??? Maybe. Well, I have to get permission from my principal first, but he's pretty much a reasonble guy. Besides, I have a wonderful presentation lined up. I even have a graph. A GRAPH!!!! That's so tight. Anyway.... talk to you tomorrow, if I have time. My brother is playing basketball at UOP forever..... and I'm stuck there instead of seeing the new Harry Potter movie. Hrmph. Any way... I need to get on Yahoo! Music and listen to something, because I have that retarded 'My Hump' song in my head. BYE!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ok, This Is ME

This is kewl! So, I'm a 7th grader, green eyes, blonde(NOT DUMB), in love with Daniel Radcliffe. I dont know what to blog about now, so I'll just tell whats been bothering me.

There's this girl, Monica. She used to be my friend, but ever since this school year sterted, shes been hanging with wannabes. She turned into a real mean girl. She hangs out with Kelsi, Queen of the Wannabes. So today it was weid, because during lunch Kelsi come up to me. This is what hppened.

Kelsi: You love your friends, right?
Me: Yeah, so?
Kelsi: Well, Allison (thats my best friend in the worllld) said something.
Me: HUH?
Allison: What?
Monica: Tell her!
Me: Uhhh...
Allion: Tell her WHAT?
Kelsi: Oh, nevermind...
Monica: *smirks*
Kelsi and Monica walk away.
Me: What was that all about?
Allison: I think they are trying to traumatize you.

I totally agree with Allison. I mean, ever since Kelsi got mad at me for yelling at Monica(which actually never happened) She's been like, all insane-in-the-membrane. Well, I'll resolve this. Detective Wacky is on the case!