Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mrs. Bakns R00m

I'm ann0yed by the strange fact0rs 0f my life that perhaps are just a dream. That's what my dad says, that maybe what we dream is reality, and reality is just a dream. Maybe I sh0uld put this the0ry t0 the test. I shall n0w pinch Michelle and see what she d0es. If she d0esn't react, then this must be a dream. N0pe, she reacted. This is definately reality.

Anywh0000...... I really am ann0yed. by s0me0ne... actually, it's 3 pe0ple.
Reas0ns why I'm ann0yed by each 0f these pe0ple but n0t wh0 they are:

1. He's leaving me.
2. She's g0ing with him.
3. C0py-cat extreme.

EMG I'm s0000000000000000 mad!!!! N0w I infuriated myself by thinking 0f all these rreas0ns.


FAB~Jenna said...

i know who U THINK the copycat is....(ME)

Sorry...if i did anything SO not kewl to you. I think i know what its about... :(

Well have a totally fabulous day...

dont get baffeled. lol i crack myself up. :D


AnnieBabe said...

Hah! I can comment myself!!!

AnnieBabe said...

Ehmadawd, I like t0tally like dweebs!

AnnieBabe said...

0h jenna, guess what?

y0u DID d0 s0mething s000 n0t kewl t0 me...