Wednesday, November 15, 2006

G00dness Graci0us!

I HAVE FRIENDS! I swear I d0! At least, that's what I remember last. But n0w..... d0n't really kn0w.

I mean...
Each 0f my friends has s0me0ne else, and n0ne 0f them are me, and s0 theref0re I have n0b0dy.

Michelle T. has Jenna
Jenna has Zachy-P00 and every0ne else in the w0rld
Allis0n has Sarah
Sarah has Michelle T.
and Michelle has all 0f her friends I d0n't kn0w.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

have you gone completely psyco?
have you gone mad?
are you feeling ok?
do you have a fever or something?
do you actually think that we are not your friends?
if so why would i fight with Jenna just so that you would not leave the group, HUH?