Saturday, April 15, 2006


And there she is! That's me over there. At least, it sort of is. To all of my good friends I am Cinderella. Jenna is Belle, Allison is Ariel, Amara is Jasmin, Katie is Aurora and Sarah is Snow White. Rock on with the princess power!!!! Anyways.... I am sooooo bored again... SPRING BREAK is rushing by and in TWO DAYS we will be going back to school. *Groan* No more sleeping in. I wondor wh yI continue to write in this blog. It's not like anyone reads this. I mean... I could even start cussing up a storm and no one would even KNOW! Not that I would. Man, I like using these big letters. It makes it seem like I wrote more.

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AnnieBabe said...

I've been workin' on the raaaailroad... aaaalll the live long daaaaaaaaaaaaay