Monday, January 02, 2006


There's me... rockin' out to All American Rejects!! So... not much has been going on lately... I'm at my mom's house right now. Ehmagawd, I hate Jenna!!! She got a CELL PHONE! Grr.. anyway.. I want to be different. It's this weird eating-away-at-your-thoughts kind of thing.. I want to be different. New year, new me. I want to be a rocker.. but I want to have a bohemian touch on some days. I figured this out when my mom took me to the store.. and I got this awsome red half-jacket, with metallic gold buttons. It was the only one I liked, and totally rocker... and they had music playing in the Junior's section, and the only songs I liked where ROCK songs. But, if I ever told Jenna that she would think I was copying her. She is a rocker after all, but that's not why I want to be one. My mom was one when she was my age, and whenever I wear pink I feel like a loser. But when I wear black or red, or dark colors, or a wristband, or my black converse, I'm on top of the world. Please commen Yes or No rocker. I NEED HELP!!

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Sarah said...

no rocker because my cuz tried that and became goth...even though she denies it.