Saturday, December 09, 2006


okay, I really REALLY do not know what to do anymore. WHY, when I'm getting GOOD GRADES do my friends act like MONSTERS? i mean, I still love them all but.... here, I'll explain in a list:

Allison- I know she's my BFFEEEEEEE but sometimes it seems like she'll never want to watch my back. She totally acted like she was best friends with Jenna the past few days.
Sarah- She posted something really mean on Allison, mine and her's blog about Allison, or to Allison. Also, Allison e-mailed me saying that Sarah yelled at her and she yelled back. WHAT?!?!
Jenna- She won't stop talking about "nice" and "cute" and "my man" Zachy-poo, and it gets worse. She totally is like so much closer to the guy I like than I am, becuase he knows Zach.
Michelle B.- I seriously don't think she ever liked me. One minute she's your best friend and the next she refuses to glance at you feet. Plus, she like is already BFFEEE with Amara and Jenna.
Michelle T.- She never talks to me anymore.
Shelby- Shelby s totally awesome, and nice, and funny, but it kinda hurt my feelings that she told Michelle B. that I talked about her.

there you have it. anyway.................................... i'm bored again.


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